UFOs, or "Unidentified Flying Objects", are unexplained phenomena in the skies, sighted by regular everyday people, pilots, army folk, that the government has no explanation for. Aliens? Secret Military Weapons? Weather Balloons? Who knows? Well, a lot of the folks below think they do. They chronicle, they argue, they infight, and you can't dispute one thing: It's an involved, wide-spread culture. There have been BBSes dedicated to nothing but UFOs, and there have been electronic newsletters spread among non-UFO-centric BBSes that purport to tell you the truth about what's out there.

A smaller amount of files, by no means less interesting, chronicle the idea of conspiracies around UFOs, either indicating that they were created by Man, Nazis, or victorian scientists, or discussing how the aliens landed long ago and the government has made many deals and arrangements with them. Primary among these are the "Lear Text", which is below.

Some similar files can be found in the conspiracy section, as well.

Description of the Textfile
SIGHTINGSArticles and Essays about UFO Sightings and Abductions
UFOBBSMessages from the UFOBBS
10most.ufo 3606
The Ten Most Credible UFOlogists
3-19disc.txt 1615
Did the Discovery See a UFO? (March 19, 1989)
3star.int 24838
A Report on The Roswell Incident, by Don Ecker (July 6, 1990)
94ufos.txt 56752
The Truth of Things: Tale of Two Forces, The Game of God (February 15, 1994) (UFO)
aaas.txt 7764
Report on a Survey of the Membership of the American Astronomical Society Concerning UFOs
aagw.txt 20805
All About Gravatational Waves (June 1, 1991)
acronyms.txt 9216
Information on Acronyms from the CUFON UFO Network (1986)
acronyms.ufo 8342
CUFON Computer UFO Network, Information on Acronyms, 1986
addit.txt 43520
The Release of the Cooper Material (July 5, 1990)
aerial.ufo 2916
An Issue of Aerial Anomalies International
aero5.asc 22715
FATE: Did Pennington Build the 1897 U.S.A. Airship?
aether.ufo 4408
UFO Campaign Launched! January, 1987
afbbs.ufo 2085
UFO Message: Air Force Paranoia by Joe Holland (February 27 1988)
afosi.txt 3952
CUFON: UFO Information From November 17, 1980
afr200-2.txt 8664
AFR200-2 Department of the Air Force - Intelligence Reporting UFOS (August 12, 1954)
agent.ufo 11231
A Dialogue with a Former Agent of the Intelligence Committee
agv.txt 4112
An Anti-Gravity Vehicle, by Michael Johnson (March 24, 1996)
airship.001 40498
The Propeller of Keely's Airship Defined, by Mrs. Bloomfield More. (Transcription by Vanguard Sciences on August 5, 1989)
airship2.asc 20858
History of the Mystery Airship Sightings in the Late 1800's
airship3.asc 4083
Additional Historical Information on John Keely and his Airship
airspace.txt 21120
When Pilot's See UFOs, December 3, 1987
airspace.ufo 20907
When Pilots See UFOs, by Dennis Stacy, 1987
alear1.txt 25266
Statement from John Lear regarding EBEs (Aliens Among Us) (December 29, 1987)
alear2.txt 59262
Transcriptions of a Talk in 1989 by Mr. Milton William Cooper (November 24, 1989)
alicia.txt 7876
What do ET Abductors Want? from Alicia Montell (1987)
alien.inv 9728
Is the Extraterrestrial Alien Invasion a Fulfillment of Prophecy?
alien.thoughts 22409
Aliens Invade; Government Panics; Sinister Vats Appear; Film at 11 by mike MacLeod and Friends
alienlet.ufo 2109
Some sort of Letter about the Inflitration of Visitors
aliens.asc 25313
The Physical Appearance of Intelligent Aliens by N.J. Spall
aliens.fun 4672
Discussions on Little Green Men and our Government
aliens.txt 2574
The Top 10 Signs to Watch Out for if your Co-Worker is a Space Alien (by Michael Cassels of the "National" Inquirer")
aliens01.asc 9734
Satan and the Little Green Men: The Connection Exposed by Val Dobson
alki.txt 4144
UFO Sighting Report, West Seattle (March 13, 1988)
allan.txt 6779
Allan Drake's Telepathic UFO Messages (1987)
alt3.txt 1655
A Theory about a Base on the Dark Side of the Moon
alvaobit.ufo 5252
Obituary for Luis Alva, 1988
amsthoa.ufo 1343
Amsterdam Police Conduct Late Night Search for Space Craft
anti-mib.txt 9321
Counter Measures for Men In Black Encounters (UFO Feds)
antigrav.ufo 1658
British Scientists to Search for Anti-Gravity Force
antigrv1.txt 4155
Is Anti-Gravity for Real?
antimatt.txt 2640
Trapping Entimatter, by Karl West
apmars.txt 979
AP News Story: Unexplained Optical Phenomena (March 30, 1989)
aprobye.txt 2309
The A.P.R.O. is No More?
aquaconf.sr 3744
Aquarius is UFO Project, says NSA
aquamemodoc.ufo 3201
Refutation of document about Cpt. Grace
aquansadoc.ufo 3584
Response to FOIA Request pertaining to Project Aquarius
aquaques.ufo 20277
Some Questions on Project Aquarius by Christian P. Lambright
aquarius.two 6465
Note to AQUARIUS TWO (November 24, 1989)
aquarius.txt 4005
The Aquarius Documents from 1980
aquatv.doc 2465
CUFON: UFO Information Service: FOIA Files for UFO (December 5 1983)
archiv.doc 5378
Reference Report on MJ-12 (July 22, 1987)
archives.ufo 6710
UFO Source Information: The Canadian Government Archives (January 3, 1990)
area51.ufo 16025
Lazar gives an interview about Area 51
area512.ufo 10823
Second part of the Lazar Interview
area513.ufo 10574
Third Part of Lazar Interview
area514.ufo 29471
Interview with George Knapp about Area 51
area515.ufo 27222
Follow-up interview with Lazar
area516.ufo 37335
Further review of Lazar
ares1.txt 4096
Story on the Mars Face and Project Cydonia (March 15, 1989)
ares2.txt 5632
Additional Information on the Mars Face by Martin E. Arant (May 20, 1989)
article.ufo 3263
Paranet BBS Explores Fringe Sciences, July 1986
asimov.thd 7579
UFO Message: UFOology: Isaac Asimov (March 28, 1987)
asteroid.ufo 8634
"The End Of A Chapter?" FSR (Vol.34, No.3, Sept., 1989)
audio.ufo 9366
Interview with Wilburn Smith and his work on project "Magnet"
augforc.001 9538
From "Dashed Against the Rock" by W. J. Colville, 1894: The Amplitude of Force
auh20int.ufo 2060
Senator Barry Goldwater Confirms "Blue Room" Incident on Radio (October 1988)
aus_gov.txt 19972
The Study of the Australian Government Involvement in the UFO Conspiracy
aussie.ufo 2162
Messages from the CUFON UFO Network
auto.ufo 3968
What UFO's Do To Automobiles
avenger.ufo 3326
12-5-45 Disappearance of Five Torpedo Bombers in Bermuda Triangle
aviateasc.ufo 14270
Discussion of new Airforce Plane Designs in Nevada
ball1.asc 4103
The Controlled Generation of Ball Lightning (August 24, 1990)
barb.ufo 8704
An interview with Barbra Becker conducted on Nov. 18, 1989
barker.txt 5371
The Fact Surrounding the Steinman-Barker Letter by Grant Cameron
bayes.ufo 6817
Bill Badger does some probability analysis of the government hiding something
bayes2.ufo 2136
Bill Badger then gives an example of his thoeries at work
bc_grav1.txt 10592
Concentric Universal Gravitation, the Abscence of Dark Matter, and the Structure of the Universe by Brian Crabtree
beliefs.ufo 16293
A Survey of UFOlogists and Their Beliefs in Unexplained Phenomena
bershad.txt 6862
Michael Bershad's UFO Abduction Experiences, from UFO Magazine (1988)
betaques.ufo 3190
Some questions to ask about the Project Beta files
beyond001.ufo 21730
Life Beyond Earth & The Mind of Man, a symposium by Richard Berendzen
bibleufo.ufo 3083
Flying Saucers: The UFO Connection
biblio.ufo 5376
Speiser's Most Recommended UFO Books, 1989
bielek1.asc 17113
Information on The Philadelphia Experiment (January 13, 1990)
biglie.txt 3909
The Big Lie! (Religious Tract from Seed Sower Friendly BBS)
birdsll1.ufo 6318
The Growing Concern Regarding Misinformation and Unfounded Conspiracy Speculations in the UFO Community, by Jerry Birdsall
birdsll2.ufo 3039
Phil Imbrogno responses to charges by Jerry Birdsall in his file.
blk-heli.txt 9737
UFO: Investigators Suspect National Security Pinch by Judith Karns, Observer Managing Editor
blubk13.ufo 25548
Project Grude/Bluebook 13 Information
bluebook.ufo 6278
The NEW Project Bluebook, by Buron Smith, 9/19/1988
bluebuk1 35099
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluebuk2 27004
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluebuk3 27757
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluebuk4 25477
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluebuk5 27194
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluebuk6 28220
The Blue Book Unknowns (Collection of Unreported Blue Book UFO Sightings) (March, 1990)
bluepeac.ufo 1850
Blue Peace: A New Organization
booger.txt 9168
The Alien "Booger" Menace by Martin Kottmeyer
bookrevi.txt 14166
Book Reviews from New Horizons Magazine (1988)
books.on.ufos 30541
UFOlogy Books (Revision 2.0)
brainwsh.ufo 47847
The Battle for your Mind, by Dick Sutphen
break1.ufo 3047
What Does Our Government Know About UFOs? By William L. Moore
break3.ufo 717
The President's Appointments July 16, 1954
break4.ufo 3944
FOIA Meeting of Operation from MJ-1 Admiral Roscoe H. Hillnkoetter
brinton.asc 14554
Keely's Physical Philosophy by Professor D. G. Brinton M.D.
calif.txt 46230
California UFO Sightings from the Project Blue Book Unknowns (September 22, 1991)
canada.txt 49061
The 1992 Canadian UFO Survey from Chris A. Rutowski
cannon.ufo 25781
UFO Contact Center International Group Meeting, 1988
capturehil.ufo 27049
Intelligence, Media Connections in UFO Cases, 1990
caseasc.ufo 2870
Larry Bryant claims he was dismissed because he was exposing Military UFO Coverups
causeditgb.ufo 3549
A Call for Cooperation with all UFO Organizations
chapt1asc.ufo 56305
Update/Situation report for 1988 by William S. English
charterasc.ufo 2155
The UFONET Charter, 1989
cia_ufo_story.txt 141604
The Krill Archives: Confidential: A Situation Report on our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (January, 1988)
circler.asc 5671
Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle R by Byron Smith (May 20, 1990)
classic.ufo 2189
The Classic Order from the Inspector General about UFOs, 1959
cowsbl.thd 11261
Cow's Blood can NOT be used in transfusion to Humans!
cr44dox.ufo 11649
Computer UFO Services, Response to FOIA Files
cropcrpt.txt 47108
north American Crop Circles and Related Physical Traces Reported in 1992
cschiff.txt 41925
18 Pages of Information Released to CUFON by Congressman Steve Schiff Regarding Roswell
cufapr88.ufo 11358
Repeater in Toronto CE-1 Refuses Hypnosis
cufon1.txt 23083
CUFON Introduction: Freedom of Information Act Files
cufon2.txt 30746
CUFON Document #10
cufon3.txt 24402
CUFON Document #20
cufon4.txt 27158
CUFON Document #30
cufon5.txt 30288
CUFON Document #40
cuforn.txt 4205
Advertisement for the CUFORN UFO Group
cufosgb.ufo 4056
CUFO's Position on the Gulf Breeze Case
cyborg.ufo 10725
Cybernetics and UFOs, by Al Pinto [?]
cydonia.ufo 5637
The Message of Cydonia: First Communication from an Extraterrestrial Civilization? By Richard C. Hoagland
dbwbooks.ufo 4433
A List of UFO Books, 1987
debunk.ufo 3320
My Brother The Debunker, the Frazier Brothers
dec89.txt 1792
UFO Reports in December 1989
della.ufo 24270
Sagan discusses the probability of other civilizations
dinfufo.ufo 14125
How disinformation spreads fear about UFOs
dinosaur.fly 18476
A Quick Introduction to Prehistoric UFOs
doty.ufo 3259
Doty clarifies his position
doty2.ufo 4165
Another clarifying letter from Doty
dotydata.ufo 3226
Richard Doty's Military Record
dsrat001.txt 35246
Conspiracy Theories Regarding Area 51 / Nellis Range / TTR / NTS / S-4? / Weird Stuff Desert Lore, from Psycho Spy
dsrat002.txt 35324
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #2 (February 2, 1994)
dsrat007.txt 9314
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #7 (April 1994)
dsrat010.txt 24420
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #10 (July 5, 1994)
dsrat12.txt 7867
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #12 (July 20, 1994)
dsrat16.txt 34573
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #16 (September 16, 1994)
dsrat17.txt 46981
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #17 (October 13, 1994)
dsrat18.txt 46475
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #18 (November 16, 1994)
dsrat6.txt 24058
The Groom Lake Desert Rat Issue #6 (April 6, 1994)
dulcecpx.ufo 22068
The Dulce Base
dulcepap.ufo 4342
Small description about Dulce Air Force Base
eastlake.ufo 23535
The Easlake UFO Case Message Base (1988)
echofileasc.ufo 6314
Discussion of how the UFONET Echomail will be set up
editorlet.ufo 4942
Encouraging letter about learning new things
el115doc.ufo 3456
Some Basic Physics on Element Creation
emp.ufo 3197
EMP Report about uses of pulses in the United States
englishnot.ufo 804
Bill English is Real! Stop bothering his dad!
eowufo.ufo 3328
Minister says Six Soldiers Arrested in Florda May Believe in UFOs, Anti-Christ
eowufo2.ufo 2771
UFO-Seeking Soldiers Charged with Desertion
etsearch.ufo 17622
Context and Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life: A Whitepaper
etxpos.txt 12176
NASA, the Code of Federal Regulations, and Extraterrestrial Exposure
expmj12.ufo 4054
Rant about Human Rights
fatimedj.ufo 7608
Fatima and Environs
fatimlet.ufo 3584
Information on Fatima Life-Forms
fenwick 151406
UFONET: The Mickus/Fenwick Interview
fenwick.talk 10263
Clarifications of Claims of Tracy Torme (1988)
fire-ice.txt 3331
Did Rain of Fire on ice Enable First Earthly Life?
flt-19.txt 4096
Theory on the Fate of Missing Flight 19 (1990)
foiadoc.ufo 158408
A Large Batch of UFO-Related Air Force Documents retrieved via the Freedom of Information Act
forgotten.info 10619
Possible Forgotten or Unknown Information with UFOs, from CUFON
friedosdoc.ufo 7013
Stanton Friedman discusses that yes, the Government probably discusses UFOs a lot
fryaquadoc.ufo 1123
Sorry, no "Project Aquarius" here!
ftdix.ufo 3072
Hey, those Fort Dix guys are hiding something
gallup.ufo 4953
Only One-Third of Public Deny Existence of UFOs, Extraterrestrial Life (Gallup)
gbreport.ufo 49042
Interview, questions and answers bearing on recent investigation of the Walters' Case
genesis.ufo 11392
Review of the book "Genesis" by W. A. Harbinson
genewar.ufo 8509
Gene Wars: UFOs, Christians, and the Genome Project
gleason.ufo 1834
Did Jackie Gleason view UFO Bodies?
glenaquadoc.ufo 4122
Letter to John Glenn responding to his request for UFO Information
goldltrsdoc.ufo 5069
Letter from Barry Goldwater about UFOs
goodbook.ufo 1363
Hey, someone wrote a book about UFO Coverups!
gordon.ufo 16629
Interview with Dan Gordon about strange stuff in the skies
gordon2.ufo 1484
Dan Gordon sends an update: Still seeing UFOs
grad1.asc 8487
The Graduation of Machines, by John M. Keely
gravity.ufo 3610
Different Discussions of Anti-Gravity Units
greys.ufo 22804
The John lear Document (Professing the Landing of EBEs)
grudge13.ufo 20886
The Recollections of an Intelligence Agent who analyzed the GRUDGE 13 Report
guidancedoc.ufo 4487
A few words of encouragement from the upper echelons of government
gulfbrz3.ufo 9509
Gulf Breeze, Florida Activity Summary (May 1, 1988)
gulflet.ufo 5621
An Open Letter to the Citizens of Gulf Breeze, from Bob Oechsler
gungho.ufo 3619
Stealth and Beyond: A Look at Aurora and some "Unfunder Upportunities"
hall.rev 2940
Uninvited Guides, by Richard Hall (Review): A Documented History of UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters & Coverups
hallrev.ufo 2940
Uninvited Guests by Richard Hall: Review
hanger.thd 12291
Information About Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base
hangerthd.ufo 12291
A Thread from the Fido Computer Network UFO Echo about Hangar 18
hardy1 12001
The Double Helix Pyramid Beam (August 1, 1992)
harvest1.txt 5360
The "Harvest" Continues: Animal Mutilation Update, by Linda Moulton Howe (April 18, 1991)
harvest2.txt 5123
Animal Mutilation Information, by Jeff Walker
hastings.ufo 29433
The MJ-12 Affair: Facts, Questions, Comments
hidufo.txt 3140
UFO: The Hidden UFO Secrets
hoaglandlet.ufo 29828
Richard C. Hoagland writes a letter to Olga Dmitrieva at Pravda
hoax.txt 15746
Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later by Jacques F. Vallee (1994)
hoax.ufo 2948
A Man Claims that he was responsible for the Crop Circles in Minnesota
hoosiers.ufo 3328
Hoosier UFOs (March 30, 1987)
hopreply.ufo 9979
In Reply to Philip Klass, yet Again, by Budd Hopkins
howe.thd 12342
UFO Paranet Messages Regarding Cattle Mutiliations (January, 1988)
humanguinea.txt 4096
Human Guinea Pigs are as American As Apple Pie, by Samuel Chavkin (March 19, 1995)
hummute.txt 13560
The Human Mutilation Factor by Don Ecker
hynek.ufo 3200
The Hynek Rating System for Classifying UFOs
hypnoltrast.ufo 5544
Letter to the Editor about article "The Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited"
idaho.ufo 1947
Computers On-Line Presents: An Idaho Report
implantrep.ufo 3157
Response to the text "Inside UFOlogy"
indian1.txt 6042
An incident at Indian Point by Vicki Cooper (April 1991)
indian2.txt 6200
An incident at Indian Point by Vicki Cooper (April 1991) part II
indict.ufo 8607
Indictment of the US Government for UFOs Abducting Us
indict1asc.ufo 14315
Petition to Indict the US Government for UFO-Related Crimes
indictment.us 8536
The Indictment of the US Government for Witholding Information on UFOs
infoclas.txt 2781
Classifications and Descriptions used in Various UFO Texts and Classification Systems
informnt.ufo 12380
An MJ-12 Informant by T. Scott Crain, Jr.
insd0189.asc 5949
Inside UFOlogy: January 1989
insd0288.asc 4122
Inside UFOlogy: February 1988
insd0289.asc 7921
Inside UFOlogy: February 1989
insd0688.asc 5117
Inside UFOlogy: June 1988
insd0788.asc 8597
Inside UFOlogy: July 1988
insd0888.asc 7159
Inside UFOlogy: August 1988
insd0988.asc 9059
Inside UFOlogy: September 1988
insidevolt.txt 9607
Bentwaters Soldier Saw Inside Super-Secret Vault, by Michael Lindemann (1995)
intro.ufo 14033
Introduction to some UFO-Related Book
intruderrev.ufo 3224
A Review of the book "Intruders" by Budd Hopkins
inv_edge.txt 70879
The Investigator's Edge: The Mututal UFO Network Newsletter (August 28, 1989)
ipu.ufo 3456
Response to Request for Information about the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
jalconf.ufo 2894
Japanese Flyers Sight UFOs
jinns.txt 23587
A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities by Gordon Creighton
jmp.ufo 16186
Letter to Ronald Reagan from the JMP (Justice for Military Personnel) about CIA UFO Coverups
jslearrep.ufo 13081
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) and Their Relationship to Human Beings on Earth: An Explanatory Hypothesis
jungsufo.ufo 17294
Summary of Concepts from the book "Flying Saucers, A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky" by C.G. Jung
jwhite.ufo 21111
Aliens Among Us: A UFO Conspiracy Hypothesis in a Religious Mode, by John White
keck.ufo 8139
The Kecksburg Crash Controversial, by Kim Opatka, Pensylvania Bulletin (UFO)
kfyi.ufo 27026
Transcript: The Earl Baldwin Show, Wednesday Aug. 18, 1988, with Richard Hall and Jim Speiser
kirtlnd2doc.ufo 3389
FOIA Files: Kirkland Air Force Base, Possible Hostile Intelligence Intercept Incident, Frequency Jamming
klasdoty.ufo 25957
Interview with Klass and R. Doty
klasdotyint.ufo 5617
Richard (Rick) Doty: Telephone Interview: Jan 8th, 1988
klassamc.ufo 2048
Criticism of Mr. Klass and his Spelling by Jim Speiser
klassasu.ufo 9970
News and Comment: Klass at Arizona State University
klyanec1.asc 12096
Two interesting stories about Keely from personal anecdotes told by Dale Pond, Dan Davidson and Victor Hansen
krill1.txt 30848
A Situation Report on our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (January, 1988)
krill1.ufo 30747
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (January 1988)
krill2.ufo 17081
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (Part II)
krill3.ufo 37245
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (Part III)
krill4.ufo 43448
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures by O.H. Krill (Part IV)
krills01.txt 30780
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part I) by O.H. Krill, January 1988
krills02.txt 17113
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part II)
krills03.txt 37277
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part III)
krills04.txt 43480
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part IV)
krllorig.ufo 3455
The Origin of the KRILL Papers, and the Meaning of Them
langres.ufo 3494
Anger at the Lear Text
lawyer.ufo 2939
Request for a Lawyer asking for the Photographs Back
lear-new.1 10762
Interplanetary Business Deals by John Lear (November 20, 1991)
lear1.txt 26368
The Infamous John Lear Text (December 29, 1987)
lear2.txt 6272
Initial Responses to the Lear Text
lear3.txt 12288
Interview with John Lear (February 2, 1988)
leinterv.ufo 22709
Interview with witnesses to the Westlake UFO, 1988
letdix.ufo 3093
Air Force Witness to an Alien
light.ufo 9192
Discussion of the UFO Coverup TV Show Special
lightsthd.ufo 16253
UFO Message base, around November of 1987
longisle.ufo 5758
Conference at the MacArthur Holiday Inn Long Island, New York
lyears.ufo 2939
Review of book "Light Years" by Gary Kinder
marge.ufo 3398
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Doldrums by Marge Christenson
mars.ufo 3617
Mars Mania, an AP Newswire story from Feb. 13, 1988
marsface.ufo 2690
"Some See Glimpse of Life in "Face" of Mars", AP Newswire, July 8, 1988
marslifeasc.ufo 2453
Mars Experts Gather to Debate the Question "Are We Alone?"
marsmsg.ufo 3614
Jerry Lewis talks about the Mars Face
marsobver.ufo 5765
RCA Astro Recieves Contract for Mars Observer
marsthd.ufo 5778
Jerry Lewis Writes back to Jim Speiser
matrix.ufo 27112
The Matrix: Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction with Alien Culture, Technology, and Planetary Power Structures
meier.ufo 5601
How to Debunk Just About Anyhing: An Easy List
meirflm.ufo 8184
Review of Meier Films
memetwin.ufo 809
A Memo to General Twining about the NSC/MJ-12 Special Studies Project, July 14, 1954
mibmaine.asc 3579
A Men In Black Experience from 1976
mibs-hst.txt 24320
A History of Men in Black
mibunix.msg 10116
Countermeasures for Men in Black Encounters
micro.txt 7483
Microwaves and Vehicle Interference by New Jersey MUFON
midwest.ufo 4673
Strange Lights Reported in the Midwest, by the Associated Press, Dec. 18, 1987
mindcan.txt 187996
The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction by Martin Cannon
mj.12 34560
The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12 by Milton William Cooper (May 23, 1989)
mj12euro.txt 11111
MJ-12: The European Connections (November 2, 1989)
mj12ss.txt 9237
MJ-12: Another Exclusive "Smear" Report
mogul.txt 81327
The GAO Memorandum on UFOs (September 8, 1994)
moon1.txt 19740
Interpretation of Anomalous Structures on the Moon (May 1994)
moonbase.txt 27648
Strategies for a Permanent Lunar Base
moondome.asc 11125
Can Moon Illusions Move? By Felix A. Bach
moondust.ufo 12776
Project Moon Dust, from Just Cause Issue #8
moonmars.ufo 36219
Mars Colonization by 2027 A.D. By Lyndon M. LaRouche
moorelet.ufo 8308
A Open Letter from William L. Moore regarding MJ-12
moorlist.ufo 7140
Review of several UFO Related Books, by William L. Moore
moseleylet.ufo 2524
Letter to Jim Moseley from Dr. Willy Smith of the UNICAT Project
mountie.ufo 3968
Mountie UFO Witness Silenced, 1976
mt2.txt 22444
The Most Terrible ETs Part II: Searching for the Truth
mtncirc.txt 3712
The Circles in the Appalachain Mountains
mufon87.ufo 9220
Paranormal Issues Discussed at the MUFON Conference, 1987
mufonet 4608
Welcome to MUFONet BBS Network
mutilate.ufo 2895
Idaho Rancher hit with Mutilation of Cattle
myths.ufo 17733
The Making of a Myth (Anti-Holocaust Tract)
nasa1.txt 26930
UFONET I Information on NASA and Sightings by Astronauts of UFOs
nasasecrets.txt 13736
A Collection of NASA Secrets (1994)
nasaseek.txt 6669
NASA Urged to Seek Out Intelligent Life
navy.ufo 3998
Unidentified Flying Objects Reported July 23, 1954: Memorandum
nazi2asc.ufo 16000
UFOs: Alien or Man Made? By Al Pinto [?]
naziufo.ufo 5344
UFOs and the Occult Reich by Al Pinto (Nazi-UFO Conspiracy Theory) [?]
naziufo1.txt 15922
UFOs: Alien or Man Made? by Al Pinto [?]
newufo.ufo 43776
Lecture from Mr. Cooper about UFOs
ninety1.ufo 8448
November 28, 1990, The East Coast Power Point
nsa.ufo 10680
Discussion of a NSA Document on UFOs.
oak.txt 7209
UFO Sighting Report (January 28, 1988)
obina1.txt 14722
Reply to Ben Obina's "The Last Trumpet": The Trumpet Blows a Sour Note
obina2.txt 4835
The Trumpet Blows a Sour Note, Part II
obina3.txt 24633
Transcription of Discussion with Ben Obina
obina4.txt 27819
Ben Obina and the "J" Alien, Part IV
ofoncs20.ufo 3664
Mystery of Roswell Hot Topic at UFO Gathering, July, 1990
ogredoc.ufo 3393
The OGRE has been identified!
omegaripoff.ufo 14804
Review of the 1989 Omega UFO Conference
opgovufo.art 3234
It is Time for Congress to Act (About UFOs) by John and Gail Feilke, 1991
origin.ufo 11902
Questions and Answers Regarding the Earth Origin Theory of UFOs
ossette.ufo 17920
Speech for Ossette Conference, September 1989
outlook.ufo 5275
"The Outlook" FSR Editorial (Vol.34, No.3, Sept., 1989)
oxcart.txt 102669
Very Long Set of Articles about the OXCART Project (Secret Aircraft)
oxcartbh.txt 25490
Rebuttal to OXCART Explanations by Bill Hodges
parainfo.asc 7355
How to Become a Paranet Affiliate
paralazar.ufo 299296
Messages, Interviews and Information about John Lazar, Claimed Government UFO Witness, on Paranet (1989-1990)
paranoia.ufo 10096
International UFO Reporter (IUR) - Jan/Feb/1989 - Editorial: "Paranoia"
paulasc.ufo 6086
Paul Faeder discusses the phenomenon of UFOs
pbbwarn.ufo 12068
phobos.fs 25333
The Phobos Dynamics Experiment
phobos2.ufo 6094
"Soviet Failures Could Hurt Mars Quest", September, 1989
photbelt.txt 24732
David M. Cole Flames a Declaration that we're orbiting around the Pleiades
picnic2doc.ufo 14078
Absolutely perfect paranoid UFO document
pirireis.txt 10389
Review of the book "Flying Saucers - Top Secret" by Major Donald Keyhoe
pittspbb.ufo 5412
Bill Pitts responds to PARANET About the New Project Blue Book
planes.ufo 2880
Discovery of Missing Plane from 1945 in Key West, Florida
portucatasc.ufo 97769
PORTUCAT: Catalog of Reports Based on the Observation of Possible UFOs
precip1.txt 4587
Electrostatic Precipitators
presrel.ufo 2556
Excerpts where the President mentions being invaded by UFOs
projbet.ufo 18707
Related Information from Fenwick International Offered as a Preamble to Project Beta
psiufo.ufo 12032
Excerpts from the Journals of a Gentleman who Channels UFOs
qatar.ufo 505
UFO Reported over Persian Gulf Country (Feb 9th, 1988)
radiatn1.txt 11469
UFO Radiation Exposure Levels
readme.1st 5388
An Invitation to FidoNet Sysops to Join UFONET by Tom Mickus (January, 1990)
reganufo.ufo 9709
The Smoking Truth: Ronald Reagan's Obsession with an Alien Invasion, by A. Movni
report.ufo 17121
UFOs: They Do Exist By S. McElheney
reptoi.txt 4994
The Pasturing and Use of Homo Sapiens by TAL Levesque
reptoids.ufo 4996
The Pasturing and Use of Homo Sapiens, by TAL Levesque
rorvik.ufo 13052
As Man Becomes Machine
ruminate.ufo 6266
Brad Langton on the State of the Paranormal Community
sarb1.ufo 3072
Letter to the Editor Flying Saucer Review Vol. 31 #5 (July 1976)
sarbint.ufo 32645
Unedited Transcript of a Cassette Tape Interview with Stanton Friedman and Dr. Sarbacher
saucers.txt 5248
Flying Saucers: A Patented Look into a Real Phenomenon
sdi_ufos.ufo 2480
Several Theories about the Strategic Defense Initiative
sea.sighting 5052
Some Thoughts on UFO Witnesses in the Armed Forces
searchinasc.ufo 3268
ET Search Begins from Southern Hemisphere, UPI
secretfr.txt 23166
Some Secret Government Radio Frequencies
secretgov.ufo 77090
The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12, by Milton William Cooper
seti 8494
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
seti.txt 8646
Information about the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) (June 7, 1991)
seti.ufo 8660
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
setilaw.ufo 5115
What Should Astronauts do if they detect what might be a message from Outer Space?
sfemeier.ufo 11773
Farmer's Tales of Space Travel Won't Fly With Many UFO Buffs, by Keay Davidson
shirl.ufo 10030
UFO: Investigators Suspect National Security Pinch, by Judith Karns, Observer Managing Editor, April 24, 1988
showme.ufo 6074
The No-Show "Show Me" Conference
shuttle_conspiracy.txt 48008
The Shuttle Conspiracy by Dr. Beter
situat.report 126191
A Situation Report on our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures, by O.H. Krill (January, 1988)
sixcautasc.ufo 6629
6 Soldiers Arrive to Kill Antichrist: Gannett, July 19, 1990
sixty1moths.ufo 5588
A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory, by Donald A. Johnson, Ph. D
smith3let.ufo 1861
Letter to Dr. Bruce Maccabee from Dr. Willy Smith, 1989
smith4let.ufo 3018
Open Letter to Jerry Clark, from Dr. Willy Smith
snobs.ufo 7455
Paranet Editorial: The Snobs Among Us, by Jim Speiser
sotsiali.txt 23690
CUFON: Letter released by the United States Air Force on UFOs (March 14, 1994)
soviet1.ufo 10549
UFOs and Security, by Alexander Kuzovkin and Alexsandr Semyonov
spacecon.txt 73938
Information Concerning the US Government's Cover-Up of Alien Activity on Earth, by Milton William Cooper
spacesos 2406
Starship's SOS Stuns Scientists
spacinv.ufo 2725
President Reagan and the Space Invaders, AP Newswire, 1988
speaket.txt 68719
The Evidence of Human Contact with Pleiadians
spook.ufo 11264
A Dialogue with a Former Member of the Intelligence Community
sputnik1.ufo 17476
Sputnik: Time to Study the Facts, by Mark Milchiker
stars.ufo 3643
The 46 Stars Nearest to Our Sun
stateposa07.ufo 3064
Dr. Willy Smith's Statement of Position on the Gulf Breeze Photographs, Aug. 7, 1989
stealth.ufo 3218
Stealth Fighter goes Missing, October 16, 1987
stealthd.ufo 6028
Messages Regarding Stealth Bombers and UFOs, April 1988
steinman.ufo 3962
Statments about UFOs and Religion from Dr. William M. Steinman
steinrep.ufo 8842
Comments on Mr. Steinman's Absurd Statements on the Subject of Flying Saucers being the Work of One of his Gods
stflet1.ufo 3470
Article to Dr. William Steinman from Stanton T. Friedman
swamp_61.txt 45358
The Swamp Gas Journal Volume 6 Number 2 (June 1992)
swamp_62.txt 45712
The Swamp Gas Journal Volume 6 Number 3 (November 1992)
swamp_6n.txt 27832
The Swamp Gas Journal Volume 6, Number 1 (January 1992)
swampgas.ufo 10223
Lab Results of 1966 "Swamp Gas" Case
swampsi2.txt 33086
The Swamp Gas Journal Special Issue #2 "A Looney a Look" (December 1992)
swan1asc.ufo 2944
Swan Company Reporting about seeing UFOs
thisisit.ufo 13646
Overview of Every Secret UFO Operation the Government Took After World War II
tidbitsss.ufo 1197
Tid-Bits of Trash: Criticism of William Steinman
times.ufo 8661
Urge to Investigate and Believe Sparks New Interest in UFOs, by William J. Broad, New York Times, 1986
toalldoc.ufo 3169
Contact with John Lear, by Bill Cooper
toddlet1.ufo 8543
Letter to Grant Cameron by Robert G. Todd regarding Cooper's Writings about MJ-12
transmit.ufo 10409
Discussions of insertions of Brain Transmitters
truce.ufo 4713
Science Vs. Spirit: Let's call it a Truce
ufo-cons 72851
The UFO Conspiracy: Information concerning the U.S. government's cover-up of alien activity on Earth, according to Milton William Cooper
ufo-cons.txt 72181
The UFO Conspiracy, compiled by David E. Stewart
ufo-kill.txt 6178
Kill Them All Part I, by Michael Luciano (October 1991)
ufo.txt 75769
The UFO Conspiracy: Information Concerning the US Government's Cover-Up of Alien Activity on Earth, by Milton William Cooper
ufo0.dbt 3398
The Great UFO Debate (Introduction)
ufo1.dbt 5049
UFOlogy: After 40 Years, Still No Respect, by Jim Speiser
ufo2.dbt 2708
No Longer a Time to Debate! By Ralph Toscano
ufo3.dbt 4518
Forty Years! By Mr. Howard, the Former Ground Saucer Watch (GSW)
ufo4.dbt 2475
May 27h, 1987: The Great UFO Debate: Have We Got Anything?
ufo5.dbt 2486
Dale Ledoux of ParaNet Gamme in Louisiana
ufo6.dbt 6888
Friar Lucien Kemble on UFOs and UFOlogy
ufo7.dbt 2768
Mr. Klass: World's Foremost UFO Debunker
ufo8.dbt 9092
The UFO: Forty Years On, by John D. Aultman
ufobooks.ufo 32794
A Late-1980's list of UFOlogy books
ufok1.txt 30746
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (January 1988) by O.H. Krill
ufok2.txt 17078
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part II) by O.H. Krill
ufok3.txt 37192
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part III) by O.H. Krill
ufok4.txt 43442
A Situation Report on Our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures (Part IV) by O.H. Krill
ufolet1.ufo 9216
A 1967 Letter about UFOs.
ufopresi.ufo 3003
President Truman inspected a UFO Crash Site! Oh Yeah!
uforic.ufo 11796
Information File On: U.F.O. Research Institute of Canada (UFORIC)
ufos.txt 10618
A Talk Given by Milton Cooper on the Subject of UFOs (November 24, 1989)
ufowatch.ufo 2511
Robert Gribble is on the watch for UFOs.
unex0002.txt 10083
Who Are the Humanoids, from "The Unexplained #2"
unex0011.txt 12703
The Fisherman's Tale, from The Unexplained
unknown.ufo 10846
Various QUotes and Articles from Unknown Sources
usa-rev1.ufo 8494
Civil War is About to Begin In the united States! Beware the UFOs!
usafacad.txt 36090
The United States Air Force and UFOlogy
usafchap.ufo 37463
The Airforce Answers the question "What is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)?"
various.ufo 42129
The Release of the Cooper Information, and its repurcussions
vatican.ufo 1520
No, the vatican is NOT training missionaries for space!
vegasebe.ufo 2763
Vegas EBE Bases Speculation
vestig.ufo 5990
Comments on the Salisbury Investigation, by Dale Kaczmarek (UFO)
vicki.ufo 3864
Vicki Cooper of UFO Magazine discusses the Conspiracy
vigil.ufo 7110
UFO Watchers Scan Rural Skies ... and Wait. By David Bauder, 1988
walker1.txt 2559
Who's Who Entry for Dr. Eric Arthur
walker2.txt 8866
Excerpt from Paper "UFO's MJ-12 and the Government", regarding Dr. Walker
walker3.txt 4937
Transcript of Conversation with Dr. Eric Walker
walker4.txt 8048
Transcript with Eric Walker (August 11, 1989)
walker5.txt 10243
Article about details of Dr. Eric Walker and his UFO work
warnings.ufo 1031
Some common-sense rules when dealing with UFOs
wbsmemo.ufo 12760
Famous Canadian Wilbur B. Smith Memo
weather.ufo 13762
Information about Mount Weather
wfletgb.ufo 3111
Letter to the Pensacola Newspaper about the authenticity of a UFO photo
whatare.ufo 10331
UFOs: Alien, or Man-Made?
white.ufo 27788
A Response to Speiser's EBE File
whyww2.ufo 59334
What REALLY started World War II?
witdbey.ufo 4651
Whidney Island UFO classified as an "Unknown", 1988
wpat.ufo 3789
Wright Patterson AFB : What's Going On There?
wsslet1.ufo 2811
Letter Tracking down UFO Recovery Team Members
wsslet2.ufo 2984
Follow up to Letter about UFO Recovery Team Members
zimufo.txt 1871
Description of the Zimbabwe UFO Sighting

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