Jason's Thoughts on Textfiles

Every time I feel like writing about my experiences with textfiles or the process of running this site, I put them here. I was a part of this whole thing too, and I want to share my stories with you. Also, running TEXTFILES.COM has brought out a lot of interesting events in itself, and you're going to hear about those as well.

Currently, I write a lot of my essays on my weblog, ASCII.TEXTFILES.COM.

Description of the Textfile
advertising.html 8773
Why is There No Advertising on TEXTFILES.COM? (August 21, 2002)
anarchy.html 7336
There's Anarchy and Then There's Anarchy (Regarding "Anarchy" Files) (January 15, 2001)
copsl.html 4846
Go Down or Face the Consequences (The Threat to Textfiles) (January, 2002)
criteria.html 3209
A Rough Outline of my criteria for what textfiles stay and go on this site
denver.art 4029
Article in the Denver Post about TEXTFILES.COM by David Thomas (August 1st, 1999)
flyer.jpg 182047
Scan of the Flyer Mentioned in gun.html
fotmw.html 4149
Have You Seen Fall of The Modem World? (The File has Since Been Found) (2002)
gun.html 29180
Fear of Words at Defcon (July, 2001)
haters.html 12069
The Haters, The Haters (September 9, 2001)
headbozo.html 3853
How I Am Doing All This: The Process of Sorting Through Thousands of Files
ibmscii.html 4752
A Quick Explanation of IBM ASCII and Why It's So Weird
johnrichard.html 4208
Goodbye, John Richard, and Good Riddance (The Textfiles Bite Back)
nibble.html 7334
An Appreciation of Count Lazlo Hollifeld Nibble (January, 2003)
oops.html 2022
A Minor (or Major Catastophe) (Hard Drive Failure)
panic.html 10345
An Apple Panic Attack (Will I Ever Save it All?)
prayer.html 5438
A Prayer for the Part Time BBS
speech.txt 45249
The Text of my 1999 DEFCON 7 Speech
thanks.html 2046
Thank You for the Kind Words (About the Hard Drive Crash) (2002)
thief.html 7082
John Chirillo and the Textfiles.con (2002)
where.html 4666
Memory: Where Did You Get These Textfiles?
wired.art 3997
Return of the Living BBS by Joe Nichell (Wired Article on TEXTFILES.COM)

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