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2cv_tab.txt 9285
GUITARTABS: 2cv by Lloyd Cole
Solsburyhill.txt 4184
GUITARTABS: Solsbury Hill by P. Gabriel
achtungbaby_tab.txt 34579
alison_crd.txt 1542
GUITARTABS: Allison by Elvis Costello
america_crd.txt 2122
GUITARTABS: America by Simon and Garfunkel
anarchyuk_tab.txt 3627
GUITARTABS: Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols
apart_tab.txt 3712
GUITARTABS: Apart by The Cure
bigredsunblues_tab.txt 2663
GUITARTABS: Big Red Sun Blues by Lucinda Williams
browneyedgirl_crd.txt 1510
GUITARTABS: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
cherubrock_crd.txt 7411
GUITARTABS: Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins
cherubrock_tab.txt 8185
GUITARTABS: Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins
crescentcity_crd.txt 1547
GUITARTABS: Crescent City by Lucinda Williams
disarm_crd.txt 2961
GUITARTABS: Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
friendofthedevil.crd.txt 1275
GUITARTABS: Friend of the Devil by the Greatful Dead
getthemessage_crd.txt 1394
GUITARTABS: Get the Message
henevergotenoughlove_crd.txt 1459
GUITARTABS: He Never Got Enough Love by Lucinda Williams
honkytonkwomen_crd.txt 10301
GUITARTABS: Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones
hotblood_crd.txt 1361
GUITARTABS: Hot Blood by Lucinda Williams
ivejustseenaface_crd.txt 2797
GUITARTABS: I've Just Seen a Face
joshuatree_tab.txt 35147
GUITARTABS: The Joshua Tree by U2
linesaroundyoureyes_crd.txt 1817
GUITARTABS: Lines Around Your Eyes, by Lucinda Williams
littleangellittlebrot#725fe.txt 1471
GUITARTABS: Little Angel Little Brother by Lucinda Williams
margaritaville_crd.txt 1806
GUITARTABS: Margartiaville by Jimmy Buffett
memphispearl_crd.txt 1546
GUITARTABS: Memphis Pearl by Lucinda Williams
mrsrobinson_crd.txt 2069
GUITARTABS: Mrs. Robinson
nightstoolong_crd.txt 2667
GUITARTABS: The Night's Too Long by Lucinda Williams
one_tab.txt 817
oyecomova_tab.txt 15387
GUITARTABS: Oye Como Va by Carlos Santana
passionatekisses_crd.txt 2009
GUITARTABS: Passionate Kisses (Lucinda Williams)
pineola_crd.txt 1698
GUITARTABS: Pineola by Lucinda Williams
proclaimers_crd.txt 8086
GUITARTABS: The Proclaimers
provemylove_crd.txt 1252
GUITARTABS: Prove My Love by Lucinda Williams
siamesedream_tab.txt 59120
GUITARTABS: Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins
sideoftheroad_crd.txt 1709
GUITARTABS: Side of the Road by Lucinda Williams
sidewalksofcity_crd.txt 1504
GUITARTABS: Sidewalks of the City by Lucinda Williams
sixblocksaway_tab.txt 3141
GUITARTABS: Six Blocks Away by Lucinda Williams
somethingaboutwhat_crd.txt 1588
GUITARTABS: Something About What Happens When We Talk by Lucinda Williams
soundsofsilence_crd.txt 1400
GUITARTABS: Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel
stones_tab_1.txt 31537
GUITARTABS: Various Rolling Stones Tabs
stones_tab_2.txt 38451
GUITARTABS: Various Rolling Stones Tabs
stones_tab_3.txt 66708
GUITARTABS: Various Rolling Stones Tabs
straycatstrut_crd.txt 2418
GUITARTABS: Stray Cat Strut
surfinsafari_crd.txt 1512
GUITARTABS: Surfin Safari
sweetoldworld_tab.txt 6308
GUITARTABS: Sweet Old World, by Lucinda Williams
takemetotheriver_crd.txt 2720
GUITARTABS: Take Me to the River by Talking Heads
today_tab.txt 5001
GUITARTABS: Today by Smashing Pumpkins
trust_crd.txt 752
GUITARTABS: Trust by the Cure
unforgettablefire_tab.txt 13868
GUITARTABS: The Unforgettable Fire
whichwill_tab.txt 2827
GUITARTABS: Which Will by Lucinda Williams
whiteman_crd.txt 2134
GUITARTABS: Whiteman in Hammersmith Palais by The Clash
whydontwegetdrunk_crd.txt 1776
GUITARTABS: Why Don't We Get Drunk by Jimmy Buffett
yellowsubmarine_crd.txt 1163
GUITARTABS: Yellow Submarine

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