Adventure Textfiles

Among the more popular games of the 80's were text adventures, which described fantastic places and people in the form of paragraphs of text, and the player was asked to interact with these ASCII worlds and solve puzzles and dangers. Since these games required a lot of intelligence and perseverance to solve, it became a point of pride to release the solution or 'Solve" first. This was the set of instructions that provided a walkthrough for the game.

Other files in this directory include interviews with adventure game authors and the occasional completely inappropriate file.

Collections of walkthroughs for Apple II adventures are located in the Apple Directory.

Description of the Textfile
INFOCOMFiles About Infocom, the Greatest Adventure Makers Ever
221baker.txt 18552
WALKTHROUGH: 221B Baker Street
221bakerst.txt 18998
SOFTDOCS: 221b Baker Street
2400ad.txt 13038
Walkthrough for 2400 A.D. Version 1.0 by Andrew Schultz (2000)
2400adfaq.txt 42472
The 2400 A.D. FAQ by Andrew Schultz (2000)
aaow.sol 2482
SOLUTION: The Ancient Art of War, by Zan of Gamer's Forum
aas.faq 20488
Adventure Authoring Systems FAQ, 31 Aug 1994
abyssal.txt 1991
WALKTHROUGH: The Abyssal Zone
accoladecomics.txt 2253
SOLUTION: Accolade Comics, by Martin Brunner (2001)
adventhint.txt 47141
A Collection of Adventuring Hints for Various Games by Jeff Hurlbut (1998)
adventur.txt 7758
Solving Crowther and Woods' Adventure, by The Rom Raider and Dr. Digital
adventure.txt 3385
WALKTHROUGH: The Original Colossal Cave
adventureland.txt 1527
WALKTHROUGH: Scott Adams' Adventureland, by The Gunslinger
adventureland2.txt 1336
WALKTHROUGH: Adventureland from Scott Adams
advland.adv 1623
Walkthrough solution for Adventureland
advquest.txt 4819
SOLUTION: Adventure Quest - Jewels of Darkness Part 2 (Level 9), by Jacob Gunness (December 27, 1990)
aencounter.txt 1652
WALKTHROUGH: The Alpine Encounter
aitd2rev 38610
Walkthrough of Alone in the Dark 2 by Doctor Insanity of Pentagram
aiw.sol 14439
WALKTHROUGH: Alice in Wonderland
al_dark.nfo 13265
Russian Translation of Walkthrough of Alone in the Dark
aland.txt 1625
WALKTHROUGH: Scott Adams' "Adventureland", by The Gunslinger
aland2.txt 1327
WALKTHROUGH: Scott Adams' Adventureland
alondark.sol 30506
Alone in the Dark Walkthrough v1.01 by David R. Downs
alone2.sol 17531
Alone in the Dark 2 Solution by Hewitt of Dominators
altered.sol 31781
SOLUTION: Altered Destiny
amforever.txt 7047
WALKTHROUGH: A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Infocom
amfv.txt 32246
Invisiclues: The Hint Booklet for A Mind Forever Voyaging
amnesia.sol 9232
SOLUTION: Amnesia (1986)
ampasswords.txt 2135
SOFTDOCS: Alien Mind Passwords
aod.txt 1036
WALKTHROUGH: Arrow of Death 1, Mysterious Adventure 3
aquest.txt 8668
WALKTHROUGH: Adventure Quest (Level 9)
archipel.txt 15060
SOLUTION: Archipelagios
arkwalk.txt 6218
WALKTHROUGH: The Lost Ark of the Covenant by The Sheik (1985)
atalan.sol 2124
WALKTHROUGH: Atalan (Atlas), by Jacob Gunness (March 15, 1990)
authorsh 85122
Whizzard's Guide to Text Adventure Authorship v1.0 by Kevin Wilson
aztectomb.sol 1003
aztectomb.txt 1034
WALKTHROUGH: Aztec Tomb Alligata
ballyhoo.sol 4355
WALKTHROUGH: Ballyhoo, by Infocom
ballyhoo.txt 4386
WALKTHROUGH: Ballyhoo, from Infocom
bardsolv.txt 12444
Solution to The Bard's Tale
bardstale.sol 14677
WALKTHROUGH: The Bard's Tale Full Solution, by John R. Barnsley
bardstale.txt 14709
WALKTHROUGH: The Bard's Tale I by John R. Barnsley
bardstale3.sol 78311
WALKTHROUGH: Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate (June 30, 1988)
bardtal2 41421
The Bard's Tale II Walkthrough/Solution
bastard.sol 1941
SOLUTION: How to Be a Complete Bastard, Solution by Vaxalon (1994)
battech.sol 12774
SOLUTION: BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge
beyondzork.txt 22425
WALKTHROUGH: Beyond Zork, from Infocom
blackca.sol 3239
The Solution to Black Cauldron
blood.sol 14241
SOLUTION: Bad Blood, by Origin Systems
bond.sol 26037
SOLUTION: James Bomd: The Stealth Affair
borderzone.txt 4019
WALKTHROUGH: The Border Zone, from Infocom
borrowt.sol 1103
Solution to Borrowed Time
brebynj.txt 6739
How to Win BRE by Joe Vindunas
brimstone.txt 2636
WALKTHROUGH: Brimstone, from Synapse/Broderbund
bt1solv.txt 17790
Solution to the Bards Tale Part I
bt2maps.txt 8869
Bards Tale II City Maps by King Lear (The Tavern)
bt_doc.txt 1060
Solution to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
bttf.sol 2338
WALKTHROUGH: Back to the Future, by Martin Fernandez
buck.sol 21539
SOLUTION: Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
bureau.sol 25800
SOLUTION: Bureaucracy, by Infocom (1987)
bureaucracy.txt 7393
WALKTHROUGH: Bureaucracy, from Infocom
bz1.wt 10880
SOLUTION: Beyond Zork
bz2.wt 9344
SOLUTION: Beyond Zork (Part II)
bz3.wt 10368
SOLUTION: Beyond Zork (Part III)
bz4.wt 7936
SOLUTION: Beyond Zork (Part IV)
ca-tsa.adv 150240
Computer Adventures, the Secret Art, by Gil Williamson August 1994
cadaver.txt 5583
Walkthough and Solution to Cadaver, by USA-DOX
camelot.sol 41581
SOLUTION: Conquests of Camelot
cauldron 16641
The Black Cauldron Solution by Major Havok
cauldron.txt 17360
The Solution to Black Cauldron by Major Havok
cblood.txt 18395
Explicit Walk-Through of the Game Captain Blood
cbsolve.txt 24138
Walk Through for the Colonel's Bequest by Lord Sterling and Avatar
ccamelot.txt 17575
Hints for Conquests of Camelot by Sierra
cdown.sol 7707
Walkthrough for Countdown, by Some Guy in Finland
chamber.sol 14473
SOLUTION: Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess Part 1
chamscip.txt 17412
Walkthrough for the Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess
chrono 3721
The Solution to Chrono Quest
chrono.sol 24837
SOLUTION: Chrono-Quest
circedge.txt 30456
Walkthrough for Circuits Edge Part 1
circuit.sol 26860
SOLUTION: Circuit's Edge
circus.txt 1319
WALKTHROUGH: Circus Mysterious Adventure 6
civhints.txt 39674
175 Tips, Hints, and Tools for Ruling Your Civilization
cn-iman.sol 12216
Codename: ICEMAN Solution by by Golden One & Hill Billy (March 18, 1990)
cntdnsol 8191
Solution to Countdown by Roman
codeeman 15498
Solution to CodeName: ICEMAN
colonel.txt 31552
Walkthrough for Sierra's Colonel's Bequest
colony.sol 58679
SOLUTION; The Colony
colorofmagic.sol 3249
SOLUTION: Discworld's Colour of Magic Adventure, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
colossal.sol 8860
SOLUTION: Colossal Adventure, Part One of the Jewels of Darkness Trilogy
comic.sol 7594
The Solution to "Captain Comic" [?]
conqsolv.txt 35104
Conquest of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (Solution)
conquest.opl 15990
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail by Christy Marx (Solution, April 15, 1990)
count.sol 3085
SOLUTION: The Count, by Scott Adams
countdwn.sol 29767
SOLUTION: Countdown
cptblood.sol 36453
SOLUTION: Captain Blood
cracks_of_file.sol 1121
SOLUTION: Cracks of Fire, by Supersoft
cranston.adv 5251
Solution to Cranston Manor
crime_time.sol 9179
SOLUTION: Crime Time Walthrough
crowley.adv 3539
Solution to The Curse of Crowley's Manor
curse.sol 10550
VERTEX: Solution to the game Curse of Echantia
cutthroats.sol 6564
SOLUTION: Cutthroats, by Infocom, from Green Manalishi, Brought to you by the Unknown Hacker
cyborg.sol 14537
d-dgsolv.txt 18825
Death Gate Full Solve by Vulcan and Bucky / DREAD
dallasquest.sol 4034
SOLUTION: Dallas Quest
danceofvampires.sol 9125
SOLUTION: Dance of the Vampires, from Martyn Westwood, by Dorothy Millard
dandare.sol 2957
dantesinferno.sol 2661
SOLUTION: Dante's Inferno, by Marco Vallarino
dark.txt 15972
Alone in the Dark Walkthrough version 1.0 by Fredric Lonngren
darkhart.sol 45783
SOLUTION: The Dark Heart of Uukrul
darklod.sol 7060
SOLUTION: Dark Lord by Kyle Freeman of Datasoft, Walthrough by Dorothy Millard
darklordsolve.txt 3469
Walkthrough for Dark Lord by Green Hornet (October 19, 1987)
darkseed 3562
Solution to Dark Seed
darksolv.txt 5846
Alone in the Dark Walkthrough
darthvader.sol 706
deadline.sol 6535
SOLUTION: Deadline, by Infocom
dejasolv.txt 7595
How to Solve Deja Vu: A Nightmare Come True for the Macintosh, by the Paladin
dejavu.txt 8240
Solution to Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas by the Necromancer and the Mind Bender
dejavu1.sol 8472
dejavu2.sol 15993
SOLUTION: Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas
demons_winter.sol 61359
WALKTHROUGH: Demon's Winter from SSI
desrtwlk.txt 22557
It Came From the Desert Walkthrough
destiny.txt 5579
WALKTHROUGH: Destiny, by The Dragon Lord of the Digital Gang
detectivegame.sol 3553
SOLUTION: The Detective Game, by Argus Press Software: Solution by Alessandro Defendi
discwrld.wlk 12964
Walkthrough for Discworld by Psygnosis
ditkafix.nfo 1105
SOLUTION: Mike Ditka's Ultimate Football
dizzy.sol 1544
dizzyprince.sol 1514
SOLUTION: Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk, by Codemasters
dkok.sol 86847
SOLUTION: Death Knights of Krynn
dlux.txt 1340
dracula.sol 3829
SOLUTION: Dracula Solution, by Jacob Gunness (February 8, 1990)
drag_sph.sol 14210
Russian Solution for Dragonphire
dragla.sol 1643
How to Win at the NYCCrack of Dragon's Lair
dragonskulle.sol 8438
SOLUTION: Dragonskulle, by Leandro Ferreras
dragonw.sol 60736
Dragon Wars by Interplay Solution, from Jeanne Wyvern Harlan-Marriott (September 18, 1990)
dragonworld.sol 3829
SOLUTION: Dragonworld, by The Clone Kids
dragworld.txt 3859
WALKTHROUGH: Dragonworld, by The Clone Kids
drakkhen.sol 20983
SOLUTION: Drakkhen
dreamzone.txt 3112
WALKTHROUGH: Dead Zone, from Baudville Software
ds2cheat.txt 3276
Cheat Codes for the Darksun II Game by Valiance of GLORY/NWO/REG/PRIME
ducktale.sol 981
Extremely Short Solution to Duck Tales
dungeon.txt 31081
Dungeon Master: A Complete Solution by Gordon Longley
dungeonadventure.sol 7357
SOLUTION: Dungeon Adventure: Jewels of Darkness Part 3 (Level 9)
dungma.sol 40772
Dungeon Master Solved by Rom Chip of Oracle
dutchmansgold.txt 707
SOLUTION: Dutchman's Gold
earthquake.sol 2894
SOLUTION: Earthquake Solve File, by Copy/Cat of the Hi-Rez Hijackers and Demuffin Man
earthquake.txt 2924
WALKTHROUGH: Earthquake, by Copy/Cat of HI-Rez Hijackers
earthris.txt 3086
Location of items in Adventure Game "Earthrise"
eco.txt 21899
Hints and Walkthroughs for the came "EcoQuest"
eco1solv.txt 8548
Solution to EcoQuest I by Volume (March 2, 1992)
eco2solv.txt 31763
Solution to EcoQuest 2 from the Sierra BBS, by Patch (March 4, 1993)
eco_qus2.sol 38514
Eco Quest's Lost Secret of Rain Forest Solution (In Russian)
ecoqu1.sol 8347
EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus Solution
ecstatic.slv 9211
Solution to Ecstatica by Padishar Creel
ecstatic.txt 9378
Transcription of Ecstatica Documentation Booklet by Padishar Creel
ecstwalk.txt 8611
Ecstatica Walkthrough by MuggZ
elite 2501
A Few Hints and Tips for ELITE by the Flash Team
elvdunge.txt 1403
Text Map of Elvira Mistress of the Dark Dungeon
elvenemy.txt 1432
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Enemy Characteristics (October 16, 1991)
elvira.sol 7208
Solution to Elvira - Mistress of the Dark
elvira1.sol 7206
SOLUTION: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
elvira2.sol 12719
SOLUTION: Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerebus
elvira2.txt 19858
Walkthrough for Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus
elvira_2 12944
Solution to Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerebus
elvirasp.txt 19226
Spells for Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
elvmaze.txt 1122
Map of the Maze from Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (October 16, 1991) by GCH, Vilnius, and Lithuania
elvspell.txt 6476
Spells and Ingredients for Elvira: Mistress of the Dark by GCH, Vilnius, Lithuania (October 16, 1991)
emerald_isle.sol 8019
SOLUTION: Emerald Isle
empireofkarn.sol 2697
SOLUTION: The Empire of Karn, by Jacob Gunness (June 8, 1989)
epic.txt 53165
Documentation for EPiC by Cyrix of Doc Writers Inc.
eriksol.sol 5920
SOLUTION: Erik the Viking
eureka.sol 7062
SOLUTION: Eureka! from Domark
eureka.tip 2644
SOLUTION: Eureka! Walkthrough
eureka.txt 818
WALKTHROUGH: Prehistoric Man Eureka 1
expeiditionamazon.txt 2670
fahrenheit451.sol 2696
SOLUTION: Fahrenheit 451
fairlight.sol 4673
SOLUTION: Fairlight: A Prelude, by Bo Jangeborg for The Edge (1985)
farmersdaughter.sol 1157
SOLUTION: Farmer's Daughter (October 23, 2001)
feasibility.sol 1861
SOLUTION: Feasibility Experiment: Mysterious Adventure 7
ferret.adv 2650
The Adventures of Terror Ferret
fgth.tip.txt 2117
SOLUTION: Frankie Goes to Hollywood by Vaxalon (1994)
finderskeepers.sol 14110
SOLUTION: Finders Keepers Solution by Zub
fish.sol 18616
SOLUTION: Fish! By Rainbird/Magentic Scrolls
fish.txt 18647
WALKTHROUGH: Fish! From Rainbird/Magnetic Scrolls
flunky.sol 6402
SOLUTION: Flunky, by Don Priestley and Vampiro
frankenstein.sol 4088
SOLUTION: Frankenstein Solution, by Jacob Gunness (March 20, 1990)
future.txt 16017
Walkthrough for Future Wars, by Marci Rogers
futurwar.txt 20001
Future Wars: An Overview of the Compuserve Game
garfield.sol 1362
SOLUTION: Garfield
gateway.sol 2413
SOLUTION: Gateway, by Pryority
gateway.txt 2444
WALKTHROUGH: Gateway, by Pryority
ghosttown.sol 2309
SOLUTION: Scott Adams Adventure #9: Ghost Town, by Demuffin Man and Copy/Cat of the Ware Lords and HH
goblins2.txt 13846
Walkthrough for GOBLINS 2
goldenbaton.sol 953
SOLUTION: Golden Baton: Mysterious Adventure 1
grail.txt 22785
Walkthrough for The Holy Grail, by Alexis Bryushinin
greatescape.sol 4733
SOLUTION: The Great Escape, Solution by Jaromir Król
gruds.txt 7716
SOLUTION: Gruds in Space
guildofthieves.txt 13011
SOLUTION: The Guild of Thieves by Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird
hacker2.txt 3318
SOLUTION: Hacker 2
hackersolution.txt 2593
SOLUTION: Hacker, from Activision: A 100 Percent Solution by Jaromir Krol - "Jerry King"
hampstead.sol 2568
SOLUTION: Hampstead, by Melbourne House Software, by Jacob Gunness (March 21, 1990)
hellsend.sol 6600
SOLUTION: Hell's End, by D. Jones (Daz), Walkthrough by Dorothy Millard
herbertsdummy.txt 4934
SOLUTION: Herbert's Dummy Run by Mikro-Gen (1985)
heroesofkarn.txt 4658
WALKTHROUGH: Heroes of Karn
heroqst1.txt 18967
Walkthrough for Hero's Quest Part 1
heroqust.txt 14080
Solution to Hero's Quest by White Knight (April 15, 1990)
hhijinx.txt 9830
WALKTHROUGH: Hollywood Hi-Jinx, From Infocom
hitchikers.sol 4890
WALKTHROUGH: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by The Djin and The Ice Queen
hobbit.sol 1109
SOLUTION: The Hobbit, by Melbourne House
hobbit.txt 1140
WALKTHROUGH: The Hobbit, from Melbourne House
hollywoodhijinx.sol 9799
SOLUTION: Hollywood Hi-Jinx, by Infocom
hqsolve.txt 11604
Hero's Quest Solution by Hill Billy and Golden One
hquest.txt 3101
Hero's Question I and Quest for Glory Hero's Question II Debug Codes and Debug Command Keys
ht01.txt 3321
Hints and Tips for Games (Amiga) by Renegade of RAF
ht02.txt 6574
and Tips for Games (Amiga) by Renegade of RAFHints and Tips for Games (Amiga) by Renegade of RAF #2
hugo1.sol 2975
Solution to Hugo's House of Horrors Volume 1.2
hugo2.sol 7111
Walkthrough for Hugo's House of Horrors 2: Whodunit?
hugo3.sol 4083
Solution to Hugo's House of Horrors Volume 3: Jungle of Doom
hunchback.sol 1851
SOLUTION: Hunchback the Adventure, by Ocean, by Jacob Gunness (February, 1990)
iceman.sol 18096
Codename: ICEMAN: Paragraphs, by Golden One & Hill Billy (March 18, 1990)
iceman.txt 14777
A Walkthrough for Codename: ICEMAN
icftd.txt 22179
Walkthrough for It Came From the Desert
imagination.sol 1591
SOLUTION: Imagination, by Vaxalon (1994)
impossiblemis.sol 21713
SOLUTION: Impossible Mission
impossiblemission2.sol 6287
WALKTHROUGH: Impossible Mission II by Jaromir Krol - "Jerry King"
incrediblehulk.sol 2311
SOLUTION: The Incredible Hulk, by The Unknown hacker of 202 Alliance, with Thanks to Bets C. and Demuffin Man
indjones.txt 19623
Some Hints for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
indy3hnt.txt 11099
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Hints by King Arthur and Night Crawler
infidel.sol 4752
SOLUTION: Infidel, by Infocom
ingridsback.sol 7014
WALKTHROUGH: Ingrid's Back! Gnome Ranger II
institute.sol 5685
How to Solve The Institute, by Ctrl-Reset and The Intern, Written and Compiled by Ctrl-Reset
institute.txt 5716
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve The Institute, by Ctrl-Reset and The Intern of The Outpost
irish.txt 7705
Transcription of a Review of Dusk of the Gods by Mad Dog (1992)
jacknipper.sol 6825
WALKTHROUGH: Jack the Nipper, by Gremlin (1986)
jackripper.sol 4766
WALKTHROUGH: Jack the Ripper
jinxster.sol 9299
WALKTHROUGH: Jinxter, by Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird
jinxter.txt 9330
journeywt.txt 513
WALKTHROUGH: Journey to the Center of the Earth
karateka.adv 3240
Solutions and Hints for Broderbund's Karateka
kayleth.sol 4140
WALKTHROUGH: Kayleth, by Jacob Gunness (August 1, 1990)
kcamelot.txt 21367
The Riddles for the Conquests of Camelot by Sierra On-Line
kentilla.sol 5476
WALKTHROUGH: Kentilla, by Jacob Gunness (February 2, 1990)
kingiv.txt 15829
Walkthrough for King's Quest IV
kingqst2.txt 25922
Walkthrough for King's Quest 5, by Sierra Online
kingqst3.txt 25909
Walkthrough for King's Quest III
kingslve.txt 12009
Walkthrough for Search for the King, by Ice Bird
kingtuts.sol 664
SOLUTION: King Tut's Tomb Solution
kobayashi.sol 1806
WALTHROUGH: Kobayashi Naru by Mastertronic
kq-4.sln 13310
Kings Quest 4 Helpful Hints
kq3-hint.txt 11310
Hints for King's Quest III
kq4sol.txt 9784
Hints for King's Quest IV by Lord Zombie
kq5.txt 22547
Hints and Solves for Kings Quest V
kq5_1.txt 8003
What to do in King's Quest V
kq5_2.txt 18208
Hints for King's Quest V
kq5sol.txt 12021
Solution for King's Quest 5
kqiiihlp.txt 5737
King's Quest III Hints, by John Geiser
kqiisolv.adv 3626
Solution to Sierra On-line's King's Quest II
kquest.adv 11070
Solution to Sierra On-line's King's Quest
krynn.txt 60173
Solution to the game Champions on Krynn, by SNooPY, January 4, 1990
kukulcan.txt 2038
WALKTHROUGH: Kukulcan, by The Duke of P.C.P.
kyrandia.txt 16637
Solution to Legend of Kyrandia (August 9, 1992)
labyrinth.sol 4653
WALKTHROUGH: Labyrinth Walkthrough by Mr 2703
larry1.txt 2535
Solution to Leisure Suit Larry
lastninja.sol 6370
lastninja2.sol 17571
WALKTHROUGH: The Last Ninja 2 by Dinko Bicakcic
lawofthewest.txt 2074
WALKTHROUGH: Law of the West
leathergoddess.txt 5906
SOLUTION: Leather Goddesses of Phobos Solution by Charazz, Mad Hacker and Obsidian
legendapachegold.txt 1343
SOLUTION: The Legend of Apache Gold, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
lhorror.txt 3836
WALKTHROUGH: The Lurking Horror, from Infocom
lifeboat.sol 2731
SOLUTION: Lifeboat, by Jack Lockerby, by Jacob Gunness (January 13, 1991)
loadsofmidnight.txt 1166
SOLUTION: Loads of Midnight
longbow1.txt 30878
The Legend of Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow Icon Code
longbow2.txt 19198
Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow Solution and Hints
loomslv.txt 16839
Solution to Lucasfilm's LOOM (April 9, 1990) by Rom Chip
lotrsol.txt 8848
SOLUTION: Lord of the Rings, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
lotsol.txt 6105
SOLUTION: Lords of Time (Level 9)
lsl2.txt 12128
Solution to Leisure Suit Larry II
lsl3.txt 16803
Map and Solution for Leisure Suit Larry 3
lsl3slv.txt 10694
Game Cheat for Leisure Suit Larry 3, by The Timelord and Low Rider
lsl5.hnt 22501
Hints to Leisure Suit Larry V by Beamer
lsl5hint.txt 27359
Collection of Hints for Leisure Suit Larry V
lsl6-wt.txt 20780
The Walkthrough for Leisure Suit Larry 6
luciferssol.txt 2742
SOLUTION: Lucifer's Realm, Solved by the Clone Kids
lurkinghorr.txt 3805
SOLUTION: The Lurking Horror, from Infocom
lurkinghorrorp.txt 306
Instructions For Logging Into Computer in Lurking Horror
lurkinghorrorsolv.adv 8538
The Solution to The Lurking Horror by The Sorcerer
magicland.txt 2595
SOLUTION: Magic Land - Dizzy
majik.sol 1165
SOLUTION: Majik, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
man-eng.txt 2887
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve Man-Eng: Master of Evil, by The Surgeon
maniac.txt 28349
Solution to the game Maniac Mansion
maniacmansion.txt 8016
SOLUTION: Maniac Mansion, from Lucasfilm Games
mardrms.txt 67494
Soft Documentation: Ultima: Worlds of Adventure II
maskofsun.sol 5271
Mask of the Sun: A Walkthrough by Sheree, from The Mines of Moria (1983)
masquerade.sol 3065
SOLUTION: Masquerade, by Whizzard Inc. of The Post Office
maze.zk1 2741
SOLUTION: Ascii Map of Zork I
mazmap.adv 2883
SOLUTION: ASCII Map of Twisty Little Passages All Alike Maze
metalwarrior.txt 1584
Solution for Metal Warrior by Martin Brunner (1999)
mghtmag2.txt 150440
Might and Magic II Part 1 (Walkthrough)
mh2hints.txt 20007
Hints and Questions for Manhunter 2
miamivice.sol 10396
SOLUTION: Miami Vice by Ocean Software, from Rstuart (May 7, 2000)
mightandmagic.txt 32632
SOLUTION: Might and Magic 1
mightmagic2.txt 19077
SOLUTION: Might and Magic II by Bjorgvin R. Leifsson
mindfighter.sol 7478
SOLUTION: Mindfighter
mindshadow.txt 3124
SOLUTION: How to Solve Mind Shadow, written by The Clone Kids
mine.zk1 1613
SOLUTION: Zork I Coal Mine Map
miser.sol 550
SOLUTION: Miser (Walkthrough)
miser.txt 581
missionasteroid.sol 753
SOLUTION: Mission Asteroid: Hi-Res Adventure #1
mm2codes.txt 5860
Day of the Tentacle Manual Protection Patents by Dead Goon & Hoson (June 11, 1993)
mm2hintf.txt 15936
Maniac Mension 2 (Day of the Tentacle) Hint File by Hoson (June 12, 1993)
mmiiihin.txt 7181
Might and Magic III Hints
monkey-i.txt 15580
Walkthrough for the Secret of Monkey Island (October 7, 1990)
monkey.txt 14220
The Secret of Monkey Island Amiga Reference Card by Skid Row
montyonrun.sol 1567
SOLUTION: Monty on The Run, from Michiel
moonmist.sol 6803
SOLUTION: Moonmist, by Infocom
moonmist.txt 6834
WALKTHROUGH: Moonmist, from Infocom
mordonsquest.txt 4321
SOLUTION: Mordon's Quest, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
mountainsket.txt 4494
SOLUTION: Mountains of Ket, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
ms-dvi.txt 8695
Solutions of Deja Vu Part I by Renegade of RAF
ms-sg.txt 16867
The Solution to Shadowgate, by Renegade of RAF
ms-un.txt 22643
The Solution to Uninvited, by Renegade of RAF
murderonm.txt 5598
SOLUTION: Murder on the Mississippi, by Oistein Ihle
musketeers.sol 517
WALKTHROUGH: Musketeers, by Martin Brunner (1998)
mysterfh.txt 1993
How to Solve Scott Adams Adventure #7: Mystery Fun House, by Double Density
neuro.txt 33910
Solution to the Game "Neuromancer", by Siamak
neuroman.sol 8922
Walkthrough for the game Neuromancer
neuromancer.sol 37046
SOLUTION: Neuromancer, by Paul J. Grant (1989)
neverending.sol 1433
SOLUTION: Neverending Story by Ocean, from Jacob Gunness (December 3, 1990)
nightofaliens.sol 2835
SOLUTION: Night of the Aliens, by William Parker: Solution by Dorothy Millard
oo-topos.adv 11430
Solution to the hi-res adventure, oo-topos
para.txt 2653
Codename ICEMAN Paragraphs for Typing In, by Golden One and Hill Billy (March 18, 1990)
pawn.sol 9023
SOLUTION: The Pawn, by Magnetic Scrolls
pawn.txt 9054
WALKTHROUGH: The Pawn, from Magnetic Scrolls
perseus.sol 758
SOLUTION: Perseus and Andromeda: Mysterious Adventure 9
phantasie1.sol 12086
SOLUTION: Phantasie Solve, by The Psychotic and Sire Merlyn
phantasie2.sol 7865
SOLUTION: Phantasie 2, from Logical Design Works
pilgrim.sol 1977
SOLUTION: The Pilgrim, from jacob Gunness (September 22, 1990)
pirate.sol 2539
SOLUTION: Pirate Adventure Solution
plan9.txt 9649
Plan 9 From Outer Space Solution by Bagpuss of Loons (August 18, 1992)
planetfall.sol 7321
SOLUTION: Planetfall, from Infocom
plundered.sol 3004
SOLUTION: Plundered Hearts, from Infocom, by Jacob Gunness (August 6, 1990)
plundered.txt 4404
WALKTHROUGH: Plundered Hearts, from Infocom
pn.txt 9376
Documentation and Hints for Personal Nightmare
pq2.txt 6931
Solution to Police Quest II by Sierra On-line
pq2_solv.txt 17744
Solution to Police Question II by Sierra On-Line
pqhints.txt 10736
Police Quest Hints
pyjamarama.sol 2438
SOLUTION: Pyjamarama Solution from Mikrogen
pyramidod.sol 2237
SOLUTION: The Pyramid of Doom, by Double Density and Doctor Flora
quest.sol 842
SOLUTION: How to Solve The Quest, by Demuffin Man!
quest.txt 873
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve The Quest, by Demuffin Man
questforgrail.txt 900
SOLUTION: The Quest for the Holy Grail, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
questforwhorehouse.txt 342
SOLUTION: Quest for the Whorehouse Queen Solution
questii.txt 40207
The Quest for Glory II Hint Section
questron.sol 11157
SOLUTION: Questron
questron.txt 8151
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve Questron, by Copy/Cat of the Hi-Res Hijackers
questron2.sol 8941
SOLUTION: Questron II Solution
rebelplanet.txt 14959
SOLUTION: Rebel Planet, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
redhawk.sol 2347
returntooz.txt 6580
SOLUTION: Return to Oz from U.S. Gold, by Dorothy Millard
ringofpower.sol 1259
SOLUTION: Ring of Power, by Quicksilva
risedrag.txt 46288
The Rise of the Dragon Walkthrough
roadwar2000.sol 3394
SOLUTION: Road Warrior 2000 Solution
robinhood 6166
Conquests of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood
robinofsherwood.txt 2061
SOLUTION: Robin of Sherwood, from Adventure International, by Jacob Gunness (1987)
s4king.txt 11736
Les Manley Search for the King, solved by Fabulous Furlough
sbardt1 16653
Walkthrough for The Bard's Tale
sbardt3 173102
Solution for: Bard's Tale III, submitted by Richard J. Hutchison
scamelot 17126
Conquests of Camelot Solution by Lord Reagan
scapeghost.sol 5334
SOLUTION: Scapeghost, from Jacob Gunness (December 5, 1989)
sceptreofb.sol 3250
SOLUTION: Sceptre of Baghdad
schron 3724
Solution to Chrono Quest
scirce 26681
Circuit's Edge Awesome Walk Through
scodeic 22476
Solution to Codename: Iceman
scolonq 23303
The Colonel's Bequest Hints and Tips by Lord Sterling & AvaTar
scotadam.adv 16951
Sets of hints for every Scott Adams adventure
scryptm 3538
Solution to Crypt of Medea by Douglas Cameron (December 1, 1990)
sdejavu 7194
Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas
sdemonfo 5335
Demon's Forge: A Solve By The Wixer
se-kaaofassiah.sol 8771
SOLUTION: See-Kaa of Assiah, by Les Hogarth & Clive Wilson, from Dorothy Millard
seabasedelta.txt 2258
SOLUTION: Seabase Delta, from Firebird, written by Jacob Gunness (1988)
sexvixen.txt 6793
How to Solve SEX VIXENS
sexvixens.txt 1768
SOLUTION: Sex Vixens from Space, from Jacob Gunness (January 3, 1991)
shadowgate.txt 4213
shadowsofmordor.sol 7257
SOLUTION: Shadows of Mordor, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
sherlock.txt 13113
Solution: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes by Milamber
sherlockholmes.sol 18545
SOLUTION: Sherlock Holmes: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels, from Infocom
sinbadgs.sol 2039
SOLUTION: Sinbad and the Golden Ship, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
skooldaze.sol 5097
SOLUTION: Skool Daze, from Alternative Software, typed by Vaxalon (1993)
sky_walk.txt 11350
The Complete Beneath A Steel Sky Walkthrough by FOURTYoz, Hitiek, Red, OLiVER (March 21, 1994)
smashed.sol 2023
SOLUTION: S.M.A.S.H.E.D. by C. A. Sharp, by Jacob Gunness (August 22, 1992)
smugglersinn.sol 2046
SOLUTION: Smuggler's Inn from Mountain Valley Software, by Jacob Gunness (1993)
solve.txt 3911
Solution to Ecstatica
solvefor.txt 6943
How to Solve Planetfall, written by Doctor Death
solveultima.txt 6656
How to Solve Ultima II by Copy Cat of Hi-Res Hijackers
sorcerer.sol 8297
SOLUTION: Sorcerer by Infocom, from Hayes
sorcerer.txt 5137
The Sorcerer (Enchanter II) Walkthrough
sorcererofclaymorgue.sol 2943
SOLUTION: The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, from Adventure International, from Jacob Gunness (September 22, 1990)
sorceria.txt 92738
Socerian Part 1: Walkthrough
spaceace.sol 6755
SOLUTION: How to Solve Space Ace, by The Batman (1984)
spaceace.txt 6786
WALKTHROUGH: How to Solve Space Ace, by The Batman (1984)
spaceii.txt 16578
Space Quest II: Vohol's Revenge (Solution)
spelcst.txt 3212
Yet Even more Dox to Spellcasting 101, by Guy Smiley
spell101.txt 29981
Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get all the Girls (Part 1)
spellbound.sol 3196
SOLUTION: Spellbound
spellbreaker.sol 21006
SOLUTION: Spellbreaker, from Infocom
spellbreaker.txt 21037
WALKTHROUGH: Spellbreaker, from Infocom
spiderman.sol 1382
SOLUTION: Spiderman Questprobe 2
spiderman.txt 1413
WALKTHROUGH: Spiderman, from Questprobe
spidermountain.sol 779
SOLUTION: Spider Mountain
spiii.txt 21293
Space Quest 3 Hint Section Listing
spot.txt 1850
SOLUTION: The 7-Up Cool Spoots by Mr. Xerox of THG!
spytrek.sol 2522
SOLUTION: Spy Trek, from Jacob Gunness (1992)
sq4.hnt 18541
The Streets of Xenon Hints and Information
sq4debug.txt 3836
Space Quest IV Beta Debug Keys, by Beamer
sq5solve.txt 18289
Solution to Space Quest 5 Beta 0.028 (February 7, 1993)
sqstory.txt 3711
The Storyline of the Space Quest Series up to IV, by Iceman
srcastle.txt 8127
A Map to StormRaven's Castle
st25.txt 10839
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Walk_Through
staffofkarnath.sol 2159
SOLUTION: Staff of Karnath, from mls (April, 2000)
starcross.sol 10477
SOLUTION: Solving Star*Cross by DJC and Tamerlane of the Ring
startrek.txt 10579
Walkthough for the Startrek Adventure Game
startrekpromethean.txt 4680
SOLUTION: Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy Walkthrough from Nodak
stationfall.sol 5114
SOLUTION: Stationfall, from Infocom
stationfall.txt 5145
WALKTHROUGH: Stationfall, from Infocom
stoneville.txt 1158
SOLUTION: Stoneville Manor
strikeforcecobra.txt 1483
SOLUTION: Strike Force Cobra Solution, from Jaromir Krol / "Jerry King"
sudan.txt 6236
Walkthrough for Sword of Sudan
sundog.txt 23113
SunDog Hints from Alex Leavans and Bruce Webster
suspect.sol 5623
SOLUTION: How to Solve Suspect, Presented by Friendly Man and Sgt. Pepper
suspended.sol 7672
SOLUTION: How to Solve Suspended, by John L. Moss
sydneyaffair.sol 3509
SOLUTION: Sydney Affair Solution
t7g.hlp 44357
Solutions to various problems encountered in 'T7G' by Neil B. Breeden II and George F. Gaut Jr (February 2, 1994)
tasstimes.sol 4849
SOLUTION: Tass Times in Tone Town
tasstimes.txt 4880
WALKTHROUGH: Tass Times in Tone Town, from Activision
tenlittle.sol 1208
SOLUTION: Ten Little Indians: Mysterious Adventure 10
terrormolinos.sol 2048
SOLUTION: Terrormolinos, from Jacob Gunness (May 13, 1990)
threeweeks.sol 8738
SOLUTION: Three Weeks in Paradise
timetunnel.sol 8359
SOLUTION: Time Tunnel, by Martin Fernandez
timezone.sol 10626
SOLUTION: Time Zone, from Adventure International by The Mercenary
tirnanog.sol 932
SOLUTION: Tir Na Nog - Tips, typed by Vaxalon (1994)
tobeontop.sol 8720
SOLUTION: To Be On Top, by Smalltown Boy
tracesanction.sol 5270
SOLUTION: The Tracer Sanction
transylvania.sol 3051
SOLUTION: How to Solve Transylvania by The Enchantor (1983)
trapdoor.sol 5410
SOLUTION: Trapdoor
trapdoor2.sol 6855
SOLUTION: Trapdoor II - Through the Trapdoor by Jaromir Krol - "Jerry King"
trinity.txt 7025
WALKTHROUGH: Trinity, from Infocom
twinkingdom.sol 2850
SOLUTION: Twin Kingdom Valley
u72items.nam 28351
Ultima 7 Part II Item List
u72npcs.nam 7636
Ultima 7 Part II Non-Player Character List
u72spell.nam 2447
Ultima 7 Part II Spells
ugadventure.txt 1144
SOLVE: Underground Adventure: Public Domain
ugf.txt 5016
SOLVE: Ulysses and the Golden Fleese by Bsbal the Wise and Michael Decaye
ulgf.txt 1237
SOLVE: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece Hi-Res Adventure #3
ult5hint.txt 75784
Ultima 5 Hints by The Raven
ult6.txt 40820
Ultima VI by Origin General typed in by Golden One and Hill Billy
ult6adna.txt 18470
Ultima VI Addendum by Golden One and Hill Billy
ult6lang.txt 2631
Ultima VI Runic Characters by Golden One and Hill Billy
ult6magc.txt 9031
Ultima VI Magic by Golden One and Hill Billy
ult6rfnc.txt 16435
Ultima VI Reference by Golden One and Billy
ult6spls.txt 15262
Ultima VI: The Eight Circles of Magic by Golden One and Hill Billy
ultima06.txt 28081
Ultima VI Introduction
ultima3.sol 15546
SOLUTION: Ultima III: The Exodus
ultima3.txt 15577
SOLVE: Ultima III: The Exodus
ultima7.txt 25373
Ultima VII: The Blackgate Walkthrough and Tips, by The Scourge
uninvite.txt 25600
The Walkthrough for Uninvited Part 1, by Kiran S. Kedlaya
uninvited.sol 3812
SOLUTION: The Uninvited by Mirrorsoft
uninvited.txt 3843
SOLVE: The Uninvited, by Mirrorsoft
uppergumtree.sol 2203
SOLUTION: Upper Gumtree, by Peter Cooke, Walkthrough by Dorothy Millard (1984)
urbanupstart.sol 913
SOLUTION: Urban Upstart by Richard Shepherd
uukrul.hlp 25900
The Dark Heart of UUKRUL Solution by Serge Borovoy
uukrul.sol 33833
Solution to The Dark Heart of Uukrul
vacstle2.txt 1059
WALKTHROUGH: Voodoo Castle, by Scott Adams
valkyrie_17.sol 2228
SOLUTION: Valkryie 17 by Ram Jam Corporation, by Jacob GUnness (December, 1988)
vamphunt.drv 2611
Review of the Computer Game "Vampire Hunter D"
vcastle1 460
WALKTHROUGH: Voodoo Castle
velnors_lair.sol 5489
SOLUTION: Velnor's Lair, by Derek Brewster (Atlantis Gold), Walkthrough by Dorothy Millard
venom.sol 4214
SOLUTION: Venom, by Clive Wilson of Softel, Walkthrough by Dorothy Millard
voodoo_castle.sol 429
SOLUTION: How to Solve Voodoo Castle
vquest.txt 4404
WALTKTHROUGH: Viking Quest by The Wyvern of T-Men Pyrotechnics
wally.sol 7350
SOLUTION: Everyone's a Wally by Mikrogen
waxworks.sol 1109
SOLUTION: Waxworks: Mysterious Adventure 11
waxworks.txt 1140
WALKTHROUGH: Waxworks Mysterious Adventure 11
webwalk.txt 10318
Complete Walkthrough for Dreamweaver
wega_station.sol 609
SOLUTION: Wega Station
willyb.sol 9479
The Advantures of Willy Beamish Solution
wishbringer.sol 5416
SOLUTION: Wishbringer Solution by The Sheik
witness.sol 4739
SOLUTION: The Witness! by Doobie Productions (1983)
wizardofakyrz.sol 1951
SOLUTION: Wizard of Akyrz of Channel 8, by Jacob Gunness (March 31, 1991)
wizardofoz.sol 19737
SOLUTION: Wizard of Oz, by Allronix
wizardscrown.sol 15449
SOLUTION: Wizard's Crown Walkthrough by Andrew Schultz Version 1.0.1 (May 8, 2000)
wolfman.sol 4431
SOLUTION: Wolfman, by CRL 399
SOLUTION: The Young Ones: Incomplete Hints
zork1.sol 4531
SOLUTION: Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (May 23, 1990)
zork1b.sol 3136
SOLUTION: Zork 1 Walkthrough by Little Beth
zork2.sol 4950
SOLUTION: Zork 2: The Wizard of Frobozz from Infocom
zork3.sol 3553
SOLUTION: Zork III by Jacob Gunness (March 18, 1990)
zzzzzz.sol 1140
SOLUTION: ZZZZZ: Typed by Vaxalon (1994)

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